The odyessey1

Im writing a essay on the book THE ODYSSEY . Im discussing weather or not
Odysseus is a hero or not. I believe that Odysseus is a hero. To me a hero is a person who
will risk his life doing something, and a person who cares for others.

My first example of Odysseus being a heroic person is when he escapes from
Polyphemuss cave. This took guts to do. Odysseus started to drink with Polyphemus,
thinking if he got him drunk, him and his men could get away. As the night went on
Polyphemus was really trashed, Thats when Odysseus came up with the plan that help
him out allot. He made a big wooden spear, and while Polyphemus was sleeping he stuck
it right in his eye and blinded him. At this point Polyphemus did not know Odysseuss
real name, because he told him his real name was Noman. What this has to do with my
definition of a hero is that Odysseus risked his life to help him and his men to get out of
the cave. My quote is Cyclops, do u ask me my name? Well I will tell you, and you
should give me the strangers due, as you promised. Noman is my name. Noman is what
mother and father call me and all my friends. (page 107)
My second example of Odysseus being a heroic person is when he does not
except immortality from Colypso. Odysseus did not want to be immortal because he
wants to see his family again instead of being stuck on a island for the rest of his life with
a beautiful goddess. He also wants to see his home land of Ithica once again that he will
rule. What this has to do with my definition of a hero is that he cares more about his
family then himself. My quote is Gracious goddess, dont be cross with me! I know all
that as well as you do. My wife is nothing compared to you for beauty, I can see that for
myself. She is mortal, you are immortal and never grow old. But even so, I long on the
deep, I will endure it, for I have a patient mind. I have suffered already many troubles
and hardships in battle and tempest, this will only be one more. (page 66)
My third example of Odysseus being a heroic person is when Odysseus risks his
life on Circes Island. When he goes to see if it was true, weather or not a goddess was
turning his men into pigs. If there is he is risking his life once again just by going to the
island. what this has to do with my definition is that he is risking his life and caring for
others at the same time. My quote is But Eurylochos came back to the ship, to tell the
tale of his companions and their unkind fate. At first he could not utter a word, he was so
dumbfounded with his misfortune; his eyes were full of tears, his mind foreboded
trouble. At least when we were fairly flummoxed with asking questions, he found his
tongue and told us how all his companions had come to grief. (page 117)
The reason why I picked Odysseus being a heroic person is because of the stuff I
talked about above and more. He is very brave and it seems like he is not afraid of a
thing. He is a very caring person and he will do anything for anyone. Thats why I wrote