The Gifted One

It was a humid summer day in a small town in Florida called Panama City. Much like everyday there were kids running around shooting each other with water guns up and down the street, and kids frolicking in the various pools throughout the neighborhood but this day would change the life of a boy who lived there forever. This particular boy named Simon was very special, all his life he had been marked as someone very different and gifted. At a young age of 10 he had an IQ of over 170, which is extremely rare. So he was constantly being taken to various schools that were designed to facilitate this boy with studies that would challenge someone of such superior intellect.

The story all begins when him and his father were at their poolside talking about a school that had offered him a full paid scholarship. Simons father wanted to have his son go to the best of everything even if it meant leaving his home where he had grown up at only 12 years of age. As most can imagine Simon was very reluctant about this idea he wanted to live at home near his friends and family. He did not want to go live in some far off place with people he didnt even know. His father tried to reason with him he said, 3 presidents have gone to this school and not even they had a full scholarship tossed into their lap. Simon replied, I will never leave home. His father filled with anger and frustration yelled back with harsh conviction, You will go to this school even if you dont want to go because it is in your best interest. Simon became very upset and burst into tears he cried out once more that, I will not leave my mother. His father once again rebutted saying. You will do as you are told. At that Simon with out even lifting his hand picked up his father smashed him against the concrete siding of the pool splitting his head and tossed him into the deep end of the pool. The blood oozing form his head turned the pool water into a deep crimson hue. Not aware that his mother was watching she ran outside and jumped into the blood-tainted water to try to save her husband, but it was to late. As she pulled him from the water all she could here from Simon was a constant muttering of the same phrase over and over again he was saying, The water did it, the water did it, the water did it. Simons mother went in side scared confused and overcome with sadness and called the police. When the investigating officer came to her and asked her what had happened she said, My son and husband were having an argument the next thing I knew I saw my husband slip hit his head on the pool and land in the water. Later that evening the same officer came to Simon and asked what had happened but the only response he got was the same phrase over and over again he said, The water did it, the water did it. The police officer ordered Simons mother to get him some psychological help because he was in extreme shock from what had happened. That night after all the police finally left Simons mother tried to help him clean off some blood that had got on his face. When she took him into the bathroom and turned on the water He went into an evil tantrum he started screaming and crying profusely he ran like a bolt of lightning out of the bathroom and threw himself into a corner crying and shaking with fear. When his mother had once again regained her composure she went into the room to find him his face was dripping with blood. When he had run into the corner he must have hit his face on the wall. She then tried to wipe his face off with a wet clothe and with a slight motion of his hand he tossed her as if she was weightless across the room. She cried out to him she said, Simon what is wrong with you why did you try to hurt me. When he did not respond she ran out of the house crying and screaming from the sheer frustration she was feeling from that nights events. The next morning she came back but she was not alone she had with her 2 men from the psychiatric ward they had come to take him to a hospital where he could be treated for his condition. He went willingly with no resistance at all. When they got him into the van there was a third guard sitting in the front seat drinking a sprite upon seeing this Simon once again went into a tantrum screaming and crying not tears this time but drops of blood were pouring from his face. The guards tried to subdue him but they were no match for this rabid creature that wielded this unearthly power which his mother could not explain. When the first guard tried to grab for him, hisarm was literally torn from him and he was left screaming and begging for aid on the ground. At seeing this the other 2 guards tried to run away but this only angered Simon further as they were running away the van that they had come to pick him up in rose in the air and was flung some 30 feet on top of the 2 fleeing men bringing them instantly to there death. His mother fell to the ground egging for him to leave her alone so he turned around and started walking down the street. All the neighbors in the area were now outside investigating what the noise was all about and they were shocked at what they saw seconds later the wail of police sirens was everywhere. The whole block seemed to come alive with swat team members and police cars. The police first came ran to the injured man and asked him what had done this and he pointed to a small figure walking down the street. The police officer said to him, That small boy did this to you? The man nodded and the officer then asked what kinda weapon is he using the man with all his might managed to say, He had no weapon. The officer then told his men to arrest that boy and as they came closer to him they began to notice something dripping from the front of him. The commanding officer yelled turn around and put your hands up. As he did this the officers were shocked beyond their wildest dreams the boys face was dripping with blood that wasnt coming from any wound but was pouring out of his pours just like sweat. He was covered in his own blood. The officers then ran up to him and cuffed him and put him in the police cruiser. On the way back to the station the police were stopped at a red light and much to the surprise of little Simons surprise a water truck pulls up next to them. Simon once again starts to go into his tantrum screaming and more and more blood starts pouring from the pours in his face the officers are trying to calm him down when they start to hear a creaking sound in the front doors of the car suddenly the front end of the caves in crushing the officers in the front seats. The back door then rips off and Simon get out of the car and proceeds to lift the truck and toss it end over end down the street. As more police vehicles arrive 1 of the officers decides it would be wises to knock this boy out than try arresting him again. So he takes a bean bag gun used for riot situations and shoots him Simon in the chest with it knocking him out on impact. The officers then took him to the psychiatric ward where he remains to this day hoping that he never has to see water again.