Starting Early Starting Late

Many teenage high school students are tired during the school day,
distracting them from their studies. That is just one of the many good reasons
that the starting time of school should be later in the day.

Some people may say that the brain not being fully functional until 9:30 is
just a matter of opinion. Studies have suggested that the average adolescent
brain doesnt even start to fully function until around 9:30 am. Many schools
already use the suggested later arrival time, so there students can be ready to
Another thing that everyone knows or remembers about high, school is all
of the homework that needs to be done for tomorrow. Plus projects that are due,
persuasive essays that need written, and the time you need to be a teenager.
Most students even have so much work that theyll stay up all night just to get it
done. When needing a minimum of 9 hours of sleep as a teenager, getting up at
6:30 to be ready for school is just not enough time. Its easy to think that
students will just procrastinate even more, but the average teenager is smarter
It sounds absurd to think that students sleep during the school day. The
fact is that many students fall asleep during class. Remember that sleep isnt
something you can make yourself not want. Throwing water on your face,
listening to loud music, or taking a shower cannot make your bodies craving for
sleep disappear. The fact is puberty demands more sleep.

There are also risks involved with not getting enough sleep. Most people
will be very sleepy and drowsy during the day, mood and behavioral problems,
and even increased vulnerability to drugs and alcohol. These things could also
develop more into serious sleeping disorders. Experts advise to not read or
watch television shows when unwinding from a day at school or work. Mary
Carskadon of Brown Universitys School of Medicine even believes that students
dont need anymore sleep than adults do, but Carskadon still recommends that
the school start time should be later in the daytime.

The average high school student just needs a little slack every once in
while, they need a way to cope with being a teen. The average teenager needs