Theyre called “roofies,” “R-2s,” “rib,” “rope,” “The Club Drug,” “Mexican Valium.” The
clinical name is Flunitrazepam, but its the effect that is important.
Its called the “date rape drug” because one of its most frightening and dangerous uses
is to commit sexual assault: a drug slipped into a drink without the victims knowledge.
Roofies are tasteless, colorless, odorless, and they dissolve in liquid within seconds.
When the drug is taken or ingested alone it creates a drunk-like state; when used with
other drugs such as alcohol it can become a lethal mix. A year before he killed himself,
rock star Kurt Cobain was in a coma and nearly died after taking Rohypnol.

The effects include dizziness, confusion, stomach upset, temporary paralysis, blackout
and amnesia. The drug renders its victim helpless: there is loss of control, loss of
inhibitions, an inability to know whats happening.
Effects begin within a few minutes and last up to 12 hours, depending on the amount
The victim goes in and out of consciousness, aware of some things, totally unaware of
others. Its the perfect agenda for sexual assault on an unwilling victim
The drug is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. You simply cannot tell if a roofie has been
There have been numerous reports of rapes following use of the drug by unknowing
victims. Because of the potential for abuse, observe these precautions:
1. Never accept a drink from someone you dont know and TRUST.
Order sealed drinks you can open yourself.
Watch the bartender make your drink and dont use wait-people.
2. Never leave your drink unattended. ALWAYS keep your drink in your hand,
Take your drink to the rest room with you, or
Give your drink to someone you know you can trust.
If you do leave your drink unattended, order a new one.
Tell your friends where you are at a party.
Never leave without accounting for those you came with.
Watch your friends drinks if theyre not alert. Have a designated driver.
4. If you hear someone in your group kidding about “date drugs,” pay attention:
often someone planning to use a drug jokes about it, trying to get a reaction
from others. This should be a warning: leave the company of that person.
5. The drug may be added to punch at social gatherings; the women then are
6. Tell your date youre aware of the drug and that even possession of the drug
in the United States is a federal crime.
REMEMBER: You are your own best protector.
The drug is classified as a depressant, but Flunitrazepam can induce aggressive
behavior or excitability in some users.
The extremely addictive properties of roofies result in dependence. Once that has
developed, withdrawing from the drug can produce strong symptoms:
*headaches, muscle pain, extreme anxiety * tension, confusion * hallucinations,
irritability * numbness, convulsions, heart failure
Roofies are NEVER safe and the drug can be detected through urinalysis testing
This is a relatively new drug in the northwest. Its imported from Mexico and Europe. It
cannot be legally manufactured or sold in the United States, but is available through
Since 1995 Rohypnol has been a major concern for the U.S. Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA). Because of reports of abuse the drug is now being moved from a
Schedule III to the most serious Schedule I category. The DEA has compiled more than
2,300 documented cases of Rohypnol abuse.
There are efforts now to lengthen sentences for offenders who use the drug to commit
Manufactured by Hoffman-Roche Pharmaceuticals, the drug may be in “bubble paks” or
on paper similar to tabs of LSD. The tablet is about the size of an aspirin, and can be
The drug is very similar to Valium with three major exceptions:
Roofies are extremely addictive and they are TEN TIMES the strength of Valium.
There is evidence that even one hit of roofies can create an extremely strong addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms may occur within three to five days after ingestion,
There are NO circumstances under which roofies are legal in the United States, and
anyone possessing them is subject to criminal prosecution.