Romeo And Julit Journal

Act I Scene i
Today I wept and wept as I found out my one true love Rosaline does not love me back. The way I loved her. So today my coz tried to make me feel better. He did make me smile a few times but I still felt bad after knowing I am out of love.

Act I Scene ii
As a new I still feel out of love after being kicked in my chin. I still feel sorrow and miserable. I still cant believe I went to supper at the Capulets after being asked by that servant. I only went to go see Rosaline I knew she was going be there.

Act I Scene IV
I couldnt believe I let Mercutio talk me into going to that party at the Capulets. It was extremely dangerous going there. I have no idea on how Mercutio talked me into going but he has his way with words.
Act I Scene V
I was nervous entering the Capulets house at first I thought we would have been caught. When I saw Juliet I knew she was the one I loved her so much she was so beautiful. I just wanted to not let her go. I know that she loves me and my empty spot with Rosaline is gone finished my chin has been healed with Juliets love. And my lips have been sealed with her lips. What a beautiful day.

Act II Scene i
I couldnt wait to see her I couldnt take it so I went back that night to go see her. When I saw her again I new she was the one to marry. She is so much better then Rosaline in everyway beauty way of talking.

Act II Scene ii
I do not know how I talked to her with those very nice words. I never talked to anyone before like that not even Rosaline. I believe its because the way she just grasps my heart. Like no other person in the world not even like my parents.

Act II Scene iii
I cant believe the friar said yes to marry Juliet and me. I cant wait we will be so happy will go around the world together. Are families will stop fighting. We can connect our great accomplishments to something great. I cant believe the friar told me quick love dies fast.

Act II Scene iv
I felt so happy when the nurse told me when we were getting married. I felt my heart was solid silver and no one could bend it break it scratch it. So I know no one will never break this love not even god.
Act II Scene vi
The wedding was so lovely. It was great there was flowers and everything. Oh I loved it when we kissed.

Act III Scene i
Today was a sad day I had lost my best friend Mercutio because I messed up I tried to break up the fight and then Tybalt stabbed Mercutio with his sword. Right then and there I got so furious I just went and attacked Tybalt as I slew him but I was not thinking about Juliet and what would happen.

Act III Scene iii
I needed the Friars help today so bad I didnt know what to do. So I just ran o him knowing he could heal and hide me for a while. Till I be exiled.

Act III Scene IV
Today was a day of darkness for I have been exiled from my love Juliet. Now I must travel to Mantua after saying bye to my family.
Act V Scene I
I cant believe for that my Juliet is dead I shall never hold her again. Oh what to do shall I stay here and weep or go see her in her familys tomb.

I know I shall go to town and go visit her in the church and I shall go get me some poison to kill the next to her on her bed. I used to be scared to die but not next to her side.

Act V Scene iii
I did not like the fact how Paris would not let me pursue my thoughts to go see my Juliet. He wanted to fight because I had killed her cousin. He deserved the way he died to interfere with my love and then threatens to tell Capulet they I was Married to his daughter. I couldnt let him do that.

Oh why couldnt I just have received that letter with the message that said she drank a poison why couldnt I. I was very pleased that Juliet killed her self after I died the same to me to be with her.

At least know that are parents know about or marriage. It will and should stop all the fighting between our families. Hopefully it does then there could be peace throughout all of Verona.
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