Oh, Ill Do It Tomorrow

Oh, I’ll Do It Tomorrow
Washing the dishes after a meal, doing your homework, getting up in the mornings, calling a loved one; These are only a few activities you might put off doing until the last possible minute. You don’t enjoy doing them and it takes time to do them. Time that you would rather spend doing something enjoyable, right? Well, procrastination may not seem like a bad habit, but you would be surprised of the effects it can have on your health, relationships, job, and even your future.

Procrastination is when we wait so long to complete a task that we do not want to do, that we only have a short time to complete it. When you have waited until the night before the final exam to study, you worry that you will fail the exam. Worrying causes stress, and stress has been proven to be harmful to a person mentally and physically. When someone is under stress about something thier body releases adrenalin, the hormone that gives you a sudden burst of energy. The body does this to help you cope with sudden stress. For example, do you remember that exam you have tomorrow morning? You are under stress because you don’t want to fail, so you stay up all night studying for it. You are capable of staying awake all night because of the release of adrenalin. About eight hours later, it’s time for the exam. By now your body is exhausted from using so much energy- you are completely drained. You can hardly stay awake and you can’t concentrate. Procrastinating has weakened you mentally and physically. If you make this a routine, it can have even more harmful effects on you body, such as weakening your immune system, which can make it difficult for your body to fight off an illness.

Not only does procrastinating effect your health, it may also effect your relationships with loved ones. Sure, you may not enjoy an hour long conversation with your mom after you have worked eight hours, but you will never regret making time for those who love you the most. When you don’t call or see your loved ones for days, weeks, or even months you could be letting them belive that you aren’t concerned about them or that other things in your life are more important than spending time with them. It may not seem like a big deal to you at the time, but by putting off a simple phone call or visit for a couple more days, you could be unintentionally hurting someone you love. What if you never get to talk to or see them again? You would feel horrible that you didn’t do as much as you could to show them that you care.

Your alarm clock has been going off for the past half hour. If you don’t get out of bed soon, you’ll be late for work. It’s happened to all of us at least once or twice. Being late a couple times can be tollerated, but when when you’re late every couple days because you have overslept, you may want to start looking for another job. No boss is going to tollerate someone being late all of the time. If being late isn’t an issue, maybe getting important papers faxed to the main office is. Work is the worse place to procrastinate. Don’t do things at the last minute. Do them as soon as you find out they need to be done.

As I have stated above, procrastinating is harmful in many different ways. If you don’t break the habit of procrastination, like any other habit, it will only get worse. It can make you weak mentally, physically, and emotionally. You could have bad grades, hurt people you love, loose your job or promotion, and possibly permanantly damage your health. So the next time you want to wait until tomorrow to do something, just remember that everything you do has consequences and everything that you do not do has consequences too.