The benefits of NAFTA under the environtmental agreement are each signatory
will set its own level of protection for human, plant and animal life. However, the
standards must be based on scientific principles and risk assessments. Agreements
includes Convention on International Trade in Endagered Species, the Montreal Protocol
on Ozone Protection, the Basel Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous
Waste, the US-Canada Bilateral Treaty on Transboundary Movement of Hazaedous
Waste, and the US-Mexican Agreement on Improvement of the Environment in the
Border Area. The measures above are adopted to protect animal or plant life or health
from the introduction or spread of a pest or diesease. Also to protect against additives,
contaminants, toxins or organisms in food or beverages, and to protect human life from
diesease organisms.

Many benefits of NAFTA leads to the fact that more factories would be built, even
though, the signatory had agreed upon the environmental laws, but the rapid growing
factories would still effect the environment more or less. If there happen to be an accident
which could’ve been unproper dispose of chemicals. According to the agreement, the
signatory could be fined, however the damaged that’s done could not be recovered.

I personally think NAFTA is a benefactor to the environment that we are living in
right now. Despite the fact of the small chance that our environment might be damaged
due to signatory defying the agreement (Not many signatory would not want to spend
extra money or be sentenced to jail because of some environmental crisis)Think about how
more people could be hired, and having the goods made in our own country instead of
paying extras for those imports. We are moving towards a more scientific age, I believe
our technologies is going to reach to the point that we could resolve the problems
regarding environments being damaged by facotries.