It Came From Ohio! My Life as a Writer

R. L. Stine
R.L. Stine was born november 8, 1943, in Columbus, Ohio and was
named Robert Lawrence Stine. R.L. Stines first house was three storys high,
with a garage. His dog named Whitey (half collie, half husky, half
elephant) spent his days and nights there because he was so big he knocked
everything over if he was allowed in the house. He had to push the heavy
garage door open and let him in the yard every day and would always get
knocked over. R.L Stine listened to the radio shows for the scary stories (this
is because t.v. had not been invented yet). R.L. Stines first friend was Norm;
he meet him at day camp when he was about 10.
His first book was The Giggle Book it was really magazine, which he
wrote it in 6th grade. When Mr. Stine got into high school, he became a
magazine writer and he wrote three more magazines. One of them was called
Eloquent Insanity, another one was titled Uproarious Utopia, the last one was
named Stories and Gags.
R.L. Stine got a scholarship to Ohio State University — only two
blocks from his home. He joined the Sundial as a writer, and later applied to
be the editor and got the job. When he made up Jovial Bob (a way to
introduce himself and humor to the readers) to help The Sundial because
people werent buying the paper; which they did once they met Bob.
Jane became his girlfriend after meeting her at a party in Brooklyn and
became his wife on June 22, 1969. They had a son named Matthew on June
7, 1980.
A series of scary books for young adults led to the wildly popular
books enjoyed by many kids called Goosebumps. He has written about 250
books in his short life and plans to write many more; he tries to write two
books a month.

As a frequent reader, I think he writes really scary, but sometimes
funny, books with interesting characters, cool titles and neat plots. I know I
can always sit down and enjoy a book by R. L. Stine.