I have done an extensive search on the internet fi

heynding much of your needed information for the upcoming OSHA audit. You should find it helpful in answering all of the questions you had. I have attached the first page of every website in case you would like to check them out in more detail.

I found a good example of a sexual harassment policy that you can post to inform employees about this type of behavior. I also researched pay secrecy and found out the laws regarding it. I included some helpful ways you might be able to deal with this problem. There were also several free HR newsletters available and I subscribed to the one I thought looked the best. I should receive it once a week. I also found some good information regarding what an independent contractor is and how to classify them as one so you do not have to pay FICA taxes.
I hope you find this information helpful. I included some job board and resume service websites as well (not that Im looking for a job or anything).
When researching sexual harassment I realized how widespread of a problem it has become in the workplace today. It not only includes sexual acts, but sexual jokes and innuendos as well. The Agricultural Research Service has a good policy regarding how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. They define what sexual harassment includes and how they should go about the situation. This would be a good policy to guide you.

I found that implementing a pay secrecy policy would be illegal. The NLR says that doing so is an unfair labor practice. You can discourage employees to discuss salary but they do not have to obey. The best thing to do is do your homework and make sure you are offering a competitive salary. You should look at education, experience, and what other people at the same level are making in order to back up your pay differences.

A good HR newsletter that I subscribed to is at HRnext.com. They send free weekly newsletters right to my email address. There website has valuable information regarding human resource topics.

I researched independent contractors and how to avoid paying FICA taxes. You should make sure you dont treat them as employees. They must furnish their own equipm
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