How and why our government is limited

The founding fathers of our government had witnessed the long and bloody war for freedom. They knew that Americans had fought for their rights that the king of England and parliament deprived them of. Britain made laws and taxes without the representation of the colonies. Through months and months of fighting, the colonies would become an independent nation. The founding fathers of our government wrote the constitution and made a limited government. This essay will discuss how and why our government has limited power.

In the Political Cartoon the figures represent the rich and the poor, in this cartoon the king and the pheasant. The idea that the Political cartoon is trying to convey is that if one person is given too much power, then it would be like a monarchy, and the person with all the power would be free to be cruel or unjust to the citizens, like suggested in the Political Cartoon.(the king executing an innocent person) the Americans thought of England like a monarchy because parliament and the king didnt let representatives in parliament. In the declaration of independence, the government’s only source of power is the governed, or the citizens. England didnt get it’s power from the governed(the colonists). They wouldnt allow any representatives in parliament so parliament “gave the power to themselves”. According to the Declaration of Independence citizens have the right to alter or abolish the government if the government takes away the citizens basic rights(life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). This shows why the colonists wanted to(and later did) make a limited government.
When the constitution was made the citizens wanted the limited government instead of a monarchy like England. Separation of powers would make the power of the government limited. In the Federalist papers James Madison explains the purpose of having the legislative, judicial, and the executive branch separate. He thinks if the branches are not kept separate the group of branches would have too much power. If they were together than there wouldnt be any other branch too override them and they could easily perform cruel and unjust crimes. The system of checks and balances work the same way. For every power a branch has, there is another that can override them, or take away their power. The executive branch has the power to approve or veto laws. The congress can then override the veto. The president appoints federal judges but congress has to approve them first. The president proposes tax plans but congress can reject the plan. Any acts the other branches do, the judicial can declare it unconstitutional. The system of checks and balances limit the abuse of power of the government because every branch has power but if they abuse it there is always another branch to cancel them out. The government is limited because of the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances.

After the bloody war for freedom, the colonists demand for a limited government, paid off when the founding fathers of America would make the government with limited power. The founding fathers of America made the government that would still be used 200 years later.