Do UFOs Exist?

Do UFOs Exist?
I have gathered many sources and have come to the conclusion that UFOs
do exist. Sightings of unusual aerial phenomena date back to ancient times, but
only after 1947, have UFOs been widely discussed because of publication world
wide. Many things support this concept such as sightings, crop circles,
encounters, and abductions.

At least 90% of UFO sightings can be identified as conventional objects,
Although time consuming investigations are necessary for such identification.

The objects most often mistaken for UFOs are bright planets and stars, peculiar
clouds, birds, aircraft, balloons, kites, aerial flares, meteors and satellites.

Between 1647 to 1969 at total of 12,618 reports have been received
concerning unidentified flying objects, of which 701 of the reports (5.6
percent) were listed as unexplained.

Some people claim that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. A
Harvard professor has taken these “abductees” and puts them in a hypnotic trans.

Under hypnosis, sometimes weeping and shouting with agony and terror, they
recover buried memories of alien encounters. There has never been physical
proof of any abduction yet to be provided.

The Roswell incident is now generally regarded as one of the most
important UFO events in history, an extensive review of the UFO literature of
the 1950s finds no mention of it beyond the first press accounts in early July
1947. The only know reference to it as a UFO crash was in a 1955 lecture by
broadcaster and UFO enthusiast Frank Edward. Even in the 1960s the UFO
literature mentioned it only three times, twice in both brief instances, in the
latter rather vaguely. A widely published story reported that personnel from
Roswell Field had a “flying disk” in their possession. When the material was
flown to Fort Worth, Texas, the commander told the press that the “disk” was
really just a weather balloon and produced balloon remains to “prove” it.

Pictures were taken, there were chuckles all around and the press fell victim to
a lie and a cover up it was able to maintain without challenge for over three

Crop circls Have been found to occur mainly in corn and wheat, but have
also been found in other crops such as barky, oats, canola, grass, flowers,
trees, and even snow. Crop circles have appeared on every continent and have
been reported in over 70 countries around the world. Only countries in mainland
China and South Africa haven’t reported any crop circles at all. A lot of then
have appeared in the former Czech Republic . Most crop circles have been formed
in the center of fields with none of the surrounding crops disturbed. Not Just
does the physical appearance of the crop change, but the seeds planted where the
crop circle was seem to grow 40% faster than the other crops in the same field.

Some crop circles have even been found to have layers with different designs and
swirling different directions. Other times crops have been found to be woven
together just like fabric. Numerous reports say that electronic equipment has
failed while used in the crop circle, and magnets sometimes haywire. Witnesses
say that they have heard a very high pitch squeeling coming from the direction
of the crop circles. Sometimes crops even change patterns as they grow, for
example one crop circle got a wavy look in the center which wasnt there
originally. Crop circles have been found on top of undergroud water and chalk
bed. Nobody has figured out for sure why they have appeared over these but it
is being researched. Many people mention having some physical reaction during
or after the visit to the crop formation. Side effects like headaches, nausea,
pains, dizziness, and a few others.

In conclusion I would like to say that it is kind of hard to deny that
there are UFOs out there after reading this information. I have provided just a
very limited few examples of crop circles, abductions, and other things that
possibly have to do with UFOs.