The Piano gave me a great understanding of true love and the hardships that came along with it. The movie was very well put together, and I learned a great deal from the production. The Piano had some good instances of well lit up shots, along with some good symbolism which, I will explain about in the following report. For instance there was a scene in the movie involving Adas’ young daughter where all of a sudden a cartoon just appears out of nowhere. I believe the producer was relating the cartoon in this sequence to the way she was taking what was going on in. Another example of symbolism in this film is when Ada the woman who owns the piano goes into George Baines’ home on the island where her piano is at the present time. There they arrange a deal so that Ada will get her Piano back and Mr. Baines will get a little something as well. He suggests that she comes over basically religiously for every key on The Piano for him to seduce her but she quickly denies his request. She does not speak throughout the majority of the movie, and has not said a word, so as soon as he makes his request she shuts him down immediately and quickly points at her black dress indicating that she would only come over and teach him how to play for as many black keys there are and then she could get her piano back. Now the symbolism that I was getting at is how the keys were black and in most movies black is the dark color symbolizing evil.
One scene that really got me thinking was when they first arrived on the island, and they had just unloaded all of there belongings and Ada was fighting for them to bring up the Piano but it was to heavy and the tribe was not big enough to carry it. She begged and pleaded to have them bring it but they just could not do it. The camera slowly moved back showing the piano getting further and further away from her. The waves slowly rolled in and it kept you guessing what was going to happen to the piano. Then the angle completely shifts and it is Ada looking down at her feet in the sand and out of nowhere the surf comes up and it leaves you with a bad feeling. The night goes on and there is a little tent made up of Adas backbone for her dress, now everything else is dark and dreary but the little tent was well illuminated, and warm with flames of the fire that were a threat.
The morning came and they trekked up the hilly mountains adjacent to the beach where another great scene was about to be born. The producer has the camera drop back so you can see the back of Adas’ head and the whole beach with the piano just sitting all alone. This shows how she is getting further and further away from her voice. You see that is how she communicates. There was also music being played in this sequence and I noticed that it was repeated later on when they are reunited with the Piano. Basically it is this Ada the main character in this film is mute but she signs a little bit but at the same time there is a lot of communicating. You can see how happy she is when she gets her voice back and the scene down at the beach along with all of them was brilliant, the footprints from Ada and her daughters around the elegant Sea-horse are so unique and show how they have there own paths but finally reunite like the piano and her.
Toward the end when Ada takes one of the keys off her piano after she is forbidden to see her mistress, she carves in her devotion in note