Cleaning up the Neighborhood

We have lived at this address for the past year and a half and at this point we are simply fed up with the prostitutes and crack dealers walking up and down the street on a daily basis. Not to mention the amount of traffic
they bring into the neighborhood and the people who do not obey the stop signs or speeding limits.
They are constantly in the middle of the street which makes it very difficult to pass by. We are
scared for our lives because now and then we hear gunshots, which at first we thought were fireworks.
At first, if we saw someone selling or using drugs on our corner we would call the police. Now we
don’t even bother calling when we hear gunshots. The police take too long to respond and usually
by the time they arrive there is nothing going on. My husband’s work truck has been broken into
twice. This past sunday someone broke into our personal truck. Our rabitt (which was caged) and
our plastic chairs have even been stolen out of our front yard. Or yard, by the way, is gated.

We like our home and our neighbors. We all know and watch out for one another and we don’t want
to have to move because of this situation. Something must be done before more people get hurt.
Two people have already died, that we know of, around this neighborhood. How many more people
have to die before something is done?. Help us clean up the neighborhood and tell us what we can
do to help.